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hellcat blower for sale SRT Hellcat 6.2l Supercharger Blower

hellcat blower for sale, Buy hellcat blower,

This  hellcat blower for sale is a free flowing 6.2L supercharger blower, that was removed from an SRT Hellcat 6.2 liter car with 25,000 miles on it. It has been tested to be in perfect working condition and would be perfect for anyone looking for a replacement.This blower was purchased from a California resident and was in excellent condition when removed from the vehicle with no strange noises or issues.This 6.2L supercharger blower unit was pulled from a running car with no issues and has been working fine. It worked great during the short time that it was in service. So there’s no reason to believe it will not work just as well for you for a long time. The blower was tested and ran perfectly upon removal from the car, with no strange noises or issues. what you see in the pictures are exactly what you will receive.

Shipping is available to all states and Canada.

supercharger blower specifications



Brand: Mopar

Manufacturer Part Number: 53010863AA

Model: PFCS03DR

Type: Supercharger Blower

Seller Notes: Great working unit (Car had 25,000 miles).

Ran perfect with no strange noises, and car was from Southern California. so it has no rust or oxidation issues.

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6.2 supercharger blower for sale.

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